Mulcarn, Angel of Winter


This Vault is dominated by a great mountain. It is steep, frigid and punishing. The mountain exist simultaneously in the far north of Arcanearth and in Mulcarn’s Vault. Upon the pinnacle stands the Fane of Lessers through which damned souls are drawn into hell. This is the main gateway between the Seven Hells and Creation. Within the Fane is the Throne of Mulcarn, empty since Mulcarn was banished centuries past.
        The mountain gets colder the higher you climb. Its rocky spires and icy slopes are hunted by the remaining servants of Mulcarn, including frost giants, white dragons, frostlings, aquilan and the nive. Anyone foolish enough to pass through the Fane will emerge into the Vault of Mulcarn.
        Those descending the mountain into Mulcarn’s hell will face legions of Ice devils and other infernals. A vast waste slopes away from the mountain’s base. The rough tundra soon becomes a frigid swamp. The languid pools and viscous mud make every step a struggle.
        The largest source of petitioners in hell are trapped beneath the surface of these mirror-black lakes. This is purgatory for the non-committal. They lay here for ages, consuming their own excrement and feeling nothing but a pervasive pain and lethargy. In time most will overcome their passive nature and continue down into hell, but for now they are victims of their own inaction. Those wretched souls failing to move on eventually merge into formless masses of vaguely sentient tar-like goo that mimic the forms of any creatures passing nearby: the tar-demons.
        There are creatures in the swamp, clouds of mites and insects leaving horrid burning blisters where they bite. They are not deadly, for most that travel here are immortal, but the creatures steal strength from souls passing through the swamps. Petitioners and mortals alike are thereby persuaded to lay down in the black waters and succumb to the mindless eternity offered by Mulcarn’s Vault.



Mulcarn, Angel of Winter

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