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  • Grenl

    Character traits: # Cautious # Scheming # Ambitious # Open-minded (for a goblin) [[File:825451 | class=media-item-align-none | NPC_Grenl_full.jpg]]

  • Xar-ke’rin

    [[File:873969 | class=media-item-align-right | NPC-Portrait_Xar-ke_rin.jpg]] Xar-ke'rin spent his entire life in the mountains with the Maseach rangers, having been rescued as a young child from the remains of an ambushed caravan 30 years ago (gnome …

  • Laerlith

    * First encountered in session 9, then 10, 21 and 22. Slain in session 23. ...a beautiful priestess in sea-green robes and complicated vestments: Laerlith, Priestess of the Waves. She seems to be an agent of Saryin Nures, Speaker of the Tide for the …

  • Sizymondo

    * First heard of in session 1. First encountered in sessions 8-9. Subsequently encountered in session 13, where he was observed wearing the green pearl. ...a very large man with a great black beard. “As you have no doubt correctly surmised, …