A wanderer regaling the world with story and song

Race: Dwarf (Mountain) Class: Bard College: 3rd level Origin: East Khazad & Hippus Steppes Level: 2 Alignment: Lawful Neutral


Strength 16 +3 / carry: 48/96/192 pounds
Dexterity 10
Constitution 14 +2
Intelligence 11
Wisdom 10
Charisma 16 +3
Perception 10
Luck 7 -2 / Luck-based Advantages Per Level: 1
Proficiency Bonus +1
Save Proficiencies Dexterity, Charisma
HP 17
AC 11


Skills Martial Tools
history bludgeons, one-handed mandolin
performance bludgeons, two-handed flute
deception blades, one-handed drum
arbalest carpentry tools
light armor
medium armor

Bard Spells Known

Cantrips Spells, 1st Level Spells, 2nd Level Spells, 3rd Level
blade ward bane
vicious mockery heroism
healing word
pick a new 1st level spell
Spell Slots Cantrips: 2 1st: 3
Spell Save DC 12
Spell Attack +4

Bard Features

bardic inspiration Use a Bonus Action to provide another person within 60’ a 1d6 bonus die (ability, attack, save) to be used within 10 minutes; uses equal to your charisma bonus prior to a long rest
jack of all trades always add half your proficiency bonus, rounding down, to any ability check you make that doesn’t already include your proficiency bonus. So 1st-6th level is +1. At 7th level this increases to +2, etc.
song of rest (+1d6) use oration or music to revitalize wounded friends during a short rest

Mountain Dwarf Traits

Movement 25’
Darkvision 60’ you can see in dim light as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light
Dwarven Resilience you have advantage on poison saves and resistance to poison damage (half damage)
Stonecunning x2 proficiency bonus when using history skill to determine origin of stonework
Heavy Armor -20lb effective weight of any worn heavy armor

Languages: Khazad (dwarven), Hippus, Common

Starting Equipment (at end of session 0)

Item Weight
leather armor 10
mandolin 2
iron battleaxe 4
carpentry tools 6
bronze dagger 1.25
coins:20sp; 6gp 1/2

Runecurse-small.jpgUlfmar grew to dwarfhood in the mines of Mazark upon the northern verge of the great Pristinus Mountains. This was dangerous country along the far eastern marches bordering the Hippus Steppes, so the young dwarf learned all that was needful, in addition to his stonework. When Ulfmar reached 50 years, the Runewarden of his Clan revealed his future: to leave the mountains and join those dwarves seeking wealth and riches through commerce with other empires. Ulfmar would take up the trade of an ancestral dwarven bard recorded high upon his clan’s Pillar of Runes.

Three years later Ulfmar had learned all he could from the Loremasters of the Bard Clan. He accompanied the next trade caravan down from the mountains and out upon the vast dusty expanse of the Hippus empire. In addition to staging lucrative entertainments with his fellow troubadours, Ulfmar helped maintain the great iron and timber wains transporting the caravan. For the next decade Ulfmar traveled the trade routes across the southern steppes between Mazark and Samarkand, capitol of the horse-clans.

The dwarven caravan sometimes risked taking ship for the warm southern seas and lucrative trading outposts of the Lanun. On a few occasions the caravan master even dabbled in highly profitable trade with the vampiric Calabim aristocracy. After all, only humans needed to worry about becoming ‘guests’ at a Calabim feast, since dwarves were immune to the ancient curse Os-Gabella’s daughter had brought upon the world.

During one such voyage, Ulfmar was struck with the first pangs of an ache he would come to know well. The pains knew no diagnosis or relief except for travel in a specific direction eastward across the vast expanse of the Earthsea. Priests, mages and healers across four empires were mystified. Even the doctors of the Ordine Medicos could only shake their heads in consternation. Finally despairing of a cure, Ulfmar traded his hoarded savings for passage to an insignificant trading post on the southern fringe of the Amurite empire.



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