Pirate turned bandit, once again a pirate, self-styled 'The Great',

Race: Human Class: Rogue Origin: Sheaim Empire? Level: ? (at least 3rd) Alignment: chaotic or neutral ?


dexterous, strong and sturdy


one-handed blades, stealth

  • First heard of in session 1. First encountered in sessions 8-9. Subsequently encountered in session 13, where he was observed wearing the green pearl.

…a very large man with a great black beard.

“As you have no doubt correctly surmised, Syzimondo the Great stands before you. Now don’t tell me you’ve gone and killed my golden goose?”

“Yer shenanigans have cost me a run of easy living, to be sure! It’s only fair me and my lads are justly compensated, don’t you agree?”

The rogues notice their great chief has scarpered, decamped and skedaddled with such alacrity that one wonders if he was ever there at all.



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