Baron Mesmer Almeriaq of Scylia, but for the cruel inventions of fate.

Race: Human Class: Wizard School: Illusion Origin: Amurite Level: 12 Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


Strength 16 +3 / carry: 48/96/192 pounds
Dexterity 20 +5
Constitution 20 +5
Intelligence 20 +5
Wisdom 16 +3
Charisma 14 +2
Perception 17 +3
Luck 17 +3 / Luck-based Advantages Per Level: 2
Proficiency Bonus +6
Save Proficiencies Intelligence, Wisdom
HP 110 (10+9+9+9+9+9+9+9+9+9+9+9)
AC 15


Skills Martial Tools
Arcana Blades: One-handed and Archery

Wizard Spells Known

Cantrips Spells, 1st Level Spells, 2nd Level Spells, 3rd Level Spells, 4th Level Spells, 5th Level Spells, 6th Level Spells, 7th Level PREPARED SPELLS
Mage Hand Shield R Invisibility Gaseous Form 2 Dimension Door Animate Objects Guards and Wards Teleport
True Strike Mage Armor Misty Step Thunderstep Polymorph 2 Teleportation Circle Eyebite
Minor Illusion Chromatic Orb Web Fireball Greater Invisibility Conjure Elemental Instant Summons -R
FireBolt Longstrider Spider Climb Leomond’s TH-R Wall of Fire Wall of Force Programmed Illusion
Message Protection from E&G Knock Dispel Magic Conjure Minor Element Bigby’s (Arcane) Hand con 1min True Seeing
Toll The Dead Sleep Flaming Sphere Fear Phantasmal Killer Hold Monster 90 ft con 1 min w/s Mental Prison
Prestidigitation Silent Image Enhanced Ability Major Image Evard BT 90ft con 1min - Telekinesis Circle of Death
Chill Touch Detect Magic – R Darkvision – 8h Counterspell Stone shape Telepathic Bond R -1hour Disintegrate -60 ft
Shape Water Find Familiar R Tasha’s Mind whip Water Breathing -R Sickening Radiance 120 ft- con- 10min Dominate Person
Lighting Lure Comprehend Language – R Shatter Enemies Abound – Int st Mislead
Mind Sliver Alarm – R Hold Person Fly – con 10 min
Identify – R Mirror Image Haste – con 1 min
Tenser’s Floating Disk – R Alter Self Phantom Steed 1 hour – R
Grease Blind-Deafness hypnotic Pattern – con 1 min
Witch Bolt Suggestion -8 hrs tongues 1-hr
Expeditious Retreat -C -10 min continual flame – until disp Life Transference 30ft
False Life – 1 hour Blur – 1 min
Tasha HL – Wis -1 min See Invisibility – 1hour -
Ray of Sickness Enlarge/Reduce -30ft 1 min
Unseen Servant -1hr earthbind
Absorb Elements Dragons Breath
Feather Fall Phantasmal force
Magic Missle
Prepared Spells Cantrips: 7 Spells: 15
Spell Slots Cantrips: 6 1st: 4 2nd: 3 3rd : 3 (4 With ring) 4th: 3 5th: 2
Spell Save DC 19
Spell Attack +11

Arcane Tradition Features

Illusion Savant The gold and time to copy an illusion spell into your book is halved (1 hour and 25gp per spell level)
Improved Minor Illusion Can create both a sound and an image with a single casting of the spell
Malleable Illusion Use an action to change the nature of an illusion that lasts longer than a minute or longer
Illusory Self Reaction – Place a duplicate in front of you that takes the damage – after a short or Long rest

Languages: Amurite, Lanun, Calabim, Patrian, Common
Note: Patrian is a dead language from the Age of Magic, used by scholars, sages and wizards (think Latin).

Current Equipment

Item Weight
spell book 3 lbs
bag of 10 gold pieces -
Staff 1 lbs
Tinder Box 1 lbs
1 torches 1 lbs
Waterskins (3) 5 lbs
Ball bearings 6 lbs
Caltrops 1 lbs / 50 sq ft
Silver Longsword (family Heirloom) 3 lbs
Everburning Candle -
Gem worth 50 GP- hidden stud- you don’t want to know
Pearl – hidden stud- you don’t want to know
Pearl of Power Hidden
Material – 7 familiars 1 lbs
Material for copying spells into the spellbook (5) 1 lbs
Longbow 2 lbs
Quiver 1lbs
40 arrows -
Green Everburning Torch 1 lbs
Vrock Dust 2-3 Vials
Cold Weather Gear 6 lbs
10 ft pole for poking
Gloves of Missile Snaring
Spell slot potion (1), Fire breath Potion (1), Grease potion (1)
Total Weight 33 lbs

Spellbooks owned and locations of each book:

  1. Primary Book: carried by Mesmer (copy of all spells)
  2. Backup Book: Castle Dragon Rider (copy of all spells)
  3. Azariel’s Book: aboard the Witches Brew (spells: empty)
  4. Arun-da’Til’s Book: hidden in a location known only to Mesmer (copy of all spells)
  5. 12 spell scrolls from Os-Gabella’s temple (see s55 log): Leelo has the Fireball scroll.
  6. 3 spell scrolls: Polymorph, 2 other non-wizard spells (Conjure Barrage, Flame Blade)
  7. Asmoday book 1: Gentle Repose, Earthbind, Shatter, Knock, Arcane Lock, Wall of Water
  8. Asmoday book 2: Erupting Earth, Charm Person
  9. Asmoday book 3: Counterspell
  10. Asmoday book 4: Faithful Hound, Move Earth
  11. Asmoday book 5: Magic Jar
  12. Asmoday book 6: Arcane Sword, Clone

Known Teleportation Circles Sigils

  1. Elohim Reliquary: Cahir Abbey (s21)
  2. Ironhelm House basement: Mazark (s46)
  3. Lost temple of Lingnang in possibly flooded cave: ruins of Thogar (s49)
  4. ‘All Seeing Eyes’ guild towers: Kaldoros & Costa del Sol (s53)
  5. Temple of the Goddess that Never Was: valley above the ruins of Thonis (s55)
  6. The Palace of Cassiel at Midgar (s70+)
  7. Castle Dragon Rider on the Lavrentine coast (s70+)

Runecurse-small.jpgMesmer was unknown to his father, the sorcerous Baron Almeriaq of Scylia, a small principality located on the southernmost isle of the Amurite kingdom. Though he would be denied the easy road to magic promised by the Blood of Kylorin, the young waif was endowed with incredible natural ability in every area. He was taken in at a young age by the wizard Kostomerces and taught to harness the power of magic through study and toil.

Mesmer was eventually ejected from the guild of his master after proving unable to subordinate his desires to lawful authority. Shortly thereafter the fledgling spell-slinger threw in his lot with a fellow outlaw, the elven rogue Leelo. Only after the destruction of Port Scylia did the pair acknowledge the strange glowing symbols hovering above their heads, apparently visible only to others similarly endowed.

While in the act of robbing the Baron’s chambers during the chaos of a surprise attack by Lanun pirates and Overlord priests, the young Mesmer discovered the truth of his origin among love-letters locked within the drawers of his father’s massive desk. After narrowly escaping death at the claws of the Baron’s infernal familiar, Mesmer fled the Amurite isles with a gaggle of vagabonds drawn together from all over Arcanearth by a compulsion none understand.

Mesmer is rightful heir to the Barony of Scylia, but does his father still live? There may be little left to rule given the destruction wrought by the Overlords and their Lanun puppets. Can he and his new compatriots shake the curse that drives them relentlessly onward?




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