Former Ljosalfar diplomat (spy) to the Bannor and Mercurian empires.

Race: High Elf Class: Rogue (Arcane Trickster) Origin: Ljosalfar Empire Level: 13 Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


Strength 11 carry: 33/66/132 pounds
Dexterity 20 +5
Constitution 18 +4
Intelligence 13 +1
Wisdom 10
Charisma 17 +3
Perception 18 +4
Luck 9 -1 / Luck-based Advantages Per Level: 1
Proficiency Bonus +6
Save Proficiencies Dexterity, Intelligence
HP 120 (12+9+9+9+9+9+9+9+9+9+9+9+9)
AC 20 Black Dragon Skin Leather Armor, +1 Enchantment, Protection from Acid, Same AC as studded leather, Bracers of Tentacled Havoc +1 to AC

Proficiency | Profiency Bonus +5 | Level: Master

Skills Martial Tools
scout (expertise) blades, one-handed Thieves Tools
deception archery
persuasion (expertise) throwing
stealth (expertise) dual wielding
acrobatics (expertise) Bolo
climbing Mounted Combat

Rogue Progression

Level Proficiency Bonus Sneak Attack Features
1st +1 2D6 Expertise, Sneak Attack, Thieves’ Cant
2nd +1 2D6 Cunning Action
3rd +2 2D6 Mage Hand Legerdemain
4th +2 2D6 Ability Score Improvement
5th +3 3D6 Uncanny Dodge
6th +3 3D6 Expertise
7th +4 4D6 Evasion
8th +4 4D6 Ability Score Improvement
9th +5 5D6 Magical Ambush
10th +5 5D6 Ability Score Improvement
11th +5 6D6 Reliable Talent
12th +6 6D6 Ability score Improvement
13th +6 7D6 Versatile Trickster
14th +6 7D6 Blindsense
15th +7 8D6 Slippery Mind
16th +7 8D6 Ability Score Improvement
17th +7 9D6 Spell Thief
18th +8 9D6 Elusive
19th +8 10D6 Ability Score Improvement
20th +8 10D6 Stroke of Luck

Rogue Features

Sneak Attack Beginning at 1st level, you know how to strike subtly and exploit a foe’s distraction. Once per turn, you can deal an extra 6d6 damage to one creature you hit with an Attack if you have advantage on the Attack roll. The Attack must use a Finesse or a ranged weapon. You don’t need advantage on the Attack roll if another enemy of the target is within 5 feet of it, that enemy isn’t Incapacitated, and you don’t have disadvantage on the Attack roll.
Thieves’ Cant a secret mix of dialect, jargon, and code that allows you to hide messages in seemingly normal conversation. Only another creature that knows thieves’ cant understands such messages. It takes four times longer to convey such a Message than it does to speak the same idea plainly; you understand a set of secret signs and symbols used to convey short, simple messages
Cunning Action You can take a bonus action on each turn in combat: Dash, Disengage or Hide
Arcane: Spellcasting You know 3 Wizard spells of 1st level, two of which must be illusion or enchantment magic. You know 3 cantrips: mage hand and 2 other cantrips from the Wizard spell list.
Arcane: Mage Hand Legerdemain Additional special abilities with the Mage Hand cantrip (PHB p.98)
Uncanny Dodge Starting at 5th level, when an attacker that you can see hits you with an Attack, you can use your reaction to halve the attack’s damage against you.
Expertise At 6th level, choose two more of your skill proficiencies, or one more of your skill proficiencies and your proficiency with thieves’ tools. Your proficiency bonus is doubled for any ability check you make that uses either of the chosen proficiencies.
Evasion Beginning at 7th level, you can nimbly dodge out of the way of certain area Effects, such as a red dragon’s fiery breath or an Ice Storm spell. When you are subjected to an effect that allows you to make a Dexterity saving throw to take only half damage, you instead take no damage if you succeed on the saving throw, and only half damage if you fail.
Magical Ambush Starting at 9th level, if you are hidden from a creature when you cast a spell on it, the creature has disadvantage on any saving throw it makes against the spell this turn.
Relaible Talent By 11th level, you have refined your chosen Skills until they approach perfection. Whenever you make an ability check that lets you add your Proficiency Bonus, you can treat a d20 roll of 9 or lower as a 10.
Versatile Trickster At 13th Level, you gain the ability to distract targets with your mage hand. As a bonus action on your turn, you can designate a creature within 5 feet of the spectral hand created by the spell. Doing so gives you advantage on attack rolls against that creature until the end of the turn.

Wizard Spells Known

Cantrips School Spells, 1st Level School Spells, 2nd Level School Spells, 3rd Level School
Mage hand Conjuration Misty Step Conjuration Invisibility Enchantment Fear Illusion
Message Transmutation Shield Abjuration Mirror Image Enchantment Tasha’s Hideous Laughter Enchantment
Booming Blade Evocation Disguise Self Illusion Hold Person Enchantment
Trickmind Enchantment
Spell Slots
Cantrips: 4
1st: 4
2nd: 3
3rd: 2
Spells Known 9
Spell Save DC 14 8 + Proficiency Bonus + Intelligence Bonus
Spell Attack +6 Proficiency Bonus + Intelligence Bonus

High Elf Traits

Darkvision 60’ you can see in dim light as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light
Fey Ancestry you have advantage on saving throws against being charmed and magic can’t put you to sleep
Trance you don’t need to sleep, instead meditating deeply for four hours per day
Extra Language Celestial (Mercurian)
Wizard Cantrip Trickmind

Languages: Elven, Bannor, Mercurian, Common


Runecurse-small.jpgKeelo and Leelo were born as twins 250 years ago in the fey woods of the Seelie Court, well after the global thaw following the Age of Ice. As might be expected, the twins were inseparable companions for the duration of their long elfin childhood. For decades neither questioned why a glowing blue rune hung above the other’s head. Eventually they did ask their elders why such a rune did not float above the heads of everyone.

For years the wisest of the Seelie Court attempted to solve this riddle, but none could detect the rune through means mundane or magical. The twins found themselves unable to even so much as describe the rune in word or in writing. The greatest fey mages of the new era tried every means available ranging from True Sight to Astral Projection without success. After a few decades the subject of the ‘Twin Runes’ lost its novelty and was mostly forgotten. Only a few continued to keep a watch on the twins: the Fey Guardians, an ancient order of druids, and the Summer Queen herself, Arendel Phaedra. Over time Leelo and Keelo drifted apart and chose radically different life paths. Little did they know that fate would not let them be parted forever.

The Winter Queen had got wind of the mystery and covertly surveilled the most promising of the two, the elf-child Leelo. Queen Viconia sent anonymous gifts every few years, ranging from trivial to exceptional. The grandest arrived at Leelo’s coming-of-age party when the fete was at it’s finest: a chariot of ebony drawn by a pair of black unicorns, attended by faun footmen in rose and black livery. Perhaps Faeryl’s subtle influence drove Leelo from the good graces of her faerie circle and toward the darker occupations of diplomat and spy.

Whatever the influence of the Unseelie Court, Leelo placed her considerable talents at the service of Queen Phaedra. The Ljosalfar Empire was growing and diplomatic relations with the new kingdoms were becoming a necessary evil. Leelo became the most junior member of a diplomatic team dispatched to the new Mercurian Empire led by the fractious Basium, archangel of Junil. The elves had little sympathy for the Mercurians and even less for their Bannor allies. Dealing with either was like talking to a wall, but the situation was getting out of control and permanent relations were needed in order to protect Ljosalfar interests in the region. It didn’t help that Prince Amelanchier had killed one of their stupid priests and a score of Bannor paladins at Elendwine last year.

Leelo’s actual purpose was to spy on the Mercurians and their allies, steal secrets, and if possible suborn vulnerable mortals to Ljosalfar uses. No easy task considering the inflexibility of these zealots. The fanatical Bannor were nearly impossible to corrupt and the Mercurians…well, their obnoxious rectitude was simply monumental.

Less than a year later Leelo began feeling the pangs….throbbing pain that lessened only when she walked westward or to the docks of the Mercurian capitol. No elven medicine or magic could find an explanation, though obviously some geas or curse was being laid on Leelo. Could it be related to the symbol, and if so how fared her brother Keelo? Finally Leelo escaped her wards and in desperation fled west to the farthest shores of the Elohim lands. Unfortunately she had to murder two fellow elves during her escape, a guard and senior diplomat, so returning home was out of the question anyway. Surcease was short and only taking ship west across the Earthsea to the Atlantean islands of the Amurites brought relief.

At the unremarkable port town of Scylia Leelo found herself penniless and took up with a disreputable mage having a similar outlook on life. She didn’t bother telling the handsome human that a glowing blue rune hovered above him… While the pair were in the act of robbing the keep of a local grandee, the town was attacked by pirates and cultists of the Overlords. Leelo and Keelo were reunited and escaped the scene of destruction with a number of others also marked by the mysterious blue rune, most of them not even aware of their rune until the events of that fateful day. Now Leelo has cast in her lot with these accursed companions in hope of finding answers.



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