Overlord Priestess of the Waves

Race: Human or Half-Elf (unknown) Class: Cleric ? Origin: ? Level: ? (at least 5th) Alignment: probably chaotic evil




one-handed blades ?

Spells Known

Laerlith has been known to cast remove curse, a 3rd level divine spell

  • First encountered in session 9, then 10, 21 and 22. Slain in session 23.

…a beautiful priestess in sea-green robes and complicated vestments: Laerlith, Priestess of the Waves. She seems to be an agent of Saryin Nures, Speaker of the Tide for the Octopus Overlords, whose banner was seen at the sack of Scylia. Laerlith is the voice of sweet reason until crossed. At such times she becomes almost demented with vindictive rage and spite.

Laerlith happily admits she is an agent of Saryin Nures, Speaker of the Tide and high priest of the Overlords. Scylia was sacked only to regain the green pearl. Mesmer’s father foolishly stole the pearl from a secret place beneath the waves and the Overlords want it back. The green gem is in fact the brain-egg of Blikdak the sea-demon, who’s submarine tomb was raided by Baron Almeriaq. The Speaker of the Tide can detect the general location of the pearl, so there is no escaping the Overlords in this matter. Once close by, Laerlith can divine it’s exact location.

  • Laerlith is accompanied by ‘Hands of Hastur’, a sect of warlocks of varying capabilities, the most obvious of which are combative types.

…four identical men with no obvious weapons, wearing hooded robes of black and sea-green…produce swords out of thin air: great black blades etched with glowing green runes…. whisper spells of supernatural speed…the black-robed warlock erupts in a writhing mass of flailing tentacles.



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