Deities and Divine Magic

21 Archangels, known as gods in the Age of Rebirth, were ordained by The One God at the beginning of creation. Each angel is the head of a divine precept and one or more ‘Divine Domains’. For example, if you worship Lugus, your cleric uses the Light domain. If you worship Tali, you could choose between Tempest or Trickery domains. Mana (spell energy) for divine magic is provided to divine spell-casters by their deity.

Angel Alignment Divine Domain
Lugus, Angel of Light Neutral Good Light
Sirona, Angel of Wisdom Neutral Good Knowledge
Bhall, Angel of Fire Chaotic Evil Tempest (Fire aspect) (was Chaotic good…fell from Heaven at the end of the Age of Magic – mother of orcs and related humanoids)
Nantosuelta, Angel of Faith Lawful Good War, Knowledge
Sucellus, Angel of Life Neutral Good Life (the Angel of Life originally was Nemed who stepped down to become the father of Man)
Amathaon, Angel of Fertility Chaotic Good Life
Junil, Angel of Justice Lawful Good War
Arawn, Angel of Death Lawful Neutral Death (for a period after Nemed stepped down as the preceptor of Life, Arawn was the Angel of both Life and Death)
Oghma, Angel of Knowledge Lawful Neutral Knowledge
Danalin, Angel of the Water Chaotic Neutral Tempest
Dagda, Angel of Balance Neutral Knowledge
Kilmorph, Angel of the Earth Lawful Neutral War, Knowledge (Craft aspect) (mother of the dwarves)
Cernunnos, Angel of Nature (lesser god) Chaotic Neutral Nature (Cernunnos was originally the archangel of Sucellus – father of the elves – who was subsequently killed by Mulcarn and later reborn as the god of Life)
Tali, Angel of the Air Chaotic Neutral Tempest (Wind aspect), Trickery
Mulcarn, Angel of Ice, who would become the Angel of Winter Neutral Evil Nature, Tempest (Ice aspect)
Mammon, Angel of Foresight, who would become the Angel of Greed Lawful Evil Trickery, Knowledge
Camulos, Angel of Strength, who would become the Angel of Rage Chaotic Evil Tempest (Rage aspect)
Aeron, Angel of Peace, who would become the Angel of War Neutral Evil War
Agares, Angel of Hope, who would become the Angel of Despair Chaotic Evil War, Death, Trickery
Esus, Angel of Trust, who would become the Angel of Deception Lawful Evil Trickery
Ceridwen, Angel of the Stars, who would become the Angel of Magic Neutral Evil Knowledge

With the exception of Bhall, who fell from heaven late in the Age of Magic, angels 1-7 are good aligned. Angels 8-14 are neutral (various lawful or chaotic). Angels 15-21 are evil. Choice of deity determines a cleric’s alignment, with the possible exception of Bhall, who some maintain is still secretly loyal to The One God even though she burns in the lowest level of hell (the Vault of Agares). Such an iconoclast would probably profess to worship the archangel Brigit the Shining, who alone among Bhall’s legion of angels was prevented from falling (paradoxically, by Bhall herself). Shimmering curtains of light are sometimes seen in the arctic skies of Arcanearth. It is said these are the walls of Brigit’s prison.

Clerics and other divine spell-casters are the primary way the gods influence creation since the ‘Compact’ ending the Godswar and the Age of Dragons. The Compact is an agreement that the gods will withdraw back to the outer planes (the ‘Vaults’) and influence creation only through certain limited means.

Rangers and Druids typically follow Cernunnos, Sucellus, Amathaon, one of the elemental gods (or all of them), or Dagda.

Paladins can follow any god except Dagda. Evil/unholy paladins are known as ‘Eidolons’.

Deities and Divine Magic

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