Aeron, Angel of War


The chaos of Camulos is ended. The vault of Aeron is formed to train demons in all the skills they will need on Arcanearth. Much of this vault appears as a succession of vast temples, but in reality this is a single giant academy or univeristy. Demons, devils and yugoloths learn the arts of war, deception, and the channeling of power. They learn to subjugate themselves to their superiors. Through this training they become a part of the infernal hierarchy. Priests, mages, warriors, commanders and soldiers in the armies of fallen angels.
        Many students are tasked with missions to Arcanearth as part of their training. These new fiends wait for summons from skilled mages and high priests of Arcanearth. Imps and Quasits are the most junior students. Those that manage the feat of graduating from the lowest pits of Aeron often go on to become the most rare and powerful of processed souls, infernal lords and demonic princes.
        Occasionally particularly vile petitioners (high priests of the Veil, etc) will skip all the earlier stages and start here in Aeron’s vault ready for training.

Odio’s Prison

When the gods met at the Seven Pines they called a truce in the Godswar. The divine armies withdrew to their sacred lands and the mortal races experienced relative peace for the first time. But the greatest of Aeron’s angels, the archangel Odio, ignored his lord’s command. He was given over to his bloodlust and at the invitation of ancient sorcerers, lead an army of fiends into Creation.
        “What means the words of one who does not rule his own home? If Aeron is to share our council he must withdraw his ara from Odio.”
        The gods agreed with Kilmorph and Aeron’s protection was removed from the raging Odio, in that instant the Queen of Gems reached out and pulled Odio into the earth. There she left him transformed to stone, eternal testament to the power of the gods and cost of defying their will.

Aeron, Angel of War

Aeron, Angel of War

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