The Empyrean


As every dawn is a new beginning for the world, so too can dawn break in even the darkest heart. The sun brings light and life; do not cloak yourself in shadows, but let your own light be an illumination.

Where the Order values law, the Empyrean values wisdom. Adjudication started from the teachings of Lugus and punishment is not based on adherence to a labyrinthine codex of laws, but from direct consol on the merits of each case. Social equality and impartiality are the model between a government and its citizens as well as between empires. As such, the Empyrean gives equal weight to all the peoples of Arcanearth, great and small.

The Sun rises every day, bringing a new dawn and a new opportunity. In the same way, The Empyrean prize redemption and reconciliation. People are given a new chance, even evil-doers. They are not infinitely patient, but err in the opposite direction of The Order. This is extended to other civilizations by leaders following The Empyrean, but if the evil leaders fail to heed their calls to repent, The Empyrean can certainly be roused to arms for their faith.

Another aspect of this religion is its opposition to shadows, darkness, and hidden things. All of their society is open; people try to live by example. This can lead to a certain self-righteousness, and certainly to gossip, etc., but deception is almost unheard of, and even tact may be rare.

The Empyrean seek redemption where The Order seeks retribution. They argue laws while The Order enforces laws. The two can be potent allies, with The Order serving as the arm of the more cerebral Empyrean, but they have a very different outlook on how best to approach evil. The aspect of creation that the Empyrean exemplifies is revelation…perfect, unalterable truth. The quest for this truth leads to a lot of very high level discussions on most matters and a tendency to seek the perfect answer when none may exist.


Neutral Good


Varn Gosam – ‘The Lightbringer’


Well before the founding of any of the great polarizing religions in the Age of Rebirth, Varn Gosam of the Malakim had already consolidated the multiplicity of prophets in his land into one faith, though before the Revelation of the Mirror there was no formal creed or name for this nascent religion. It would come to be called the Empyrean, and it would change and grow from the tribal faith it was in those days as it spread across Arcanearth. Varn is both prophet and founder of The Empyrean and political leader of the Malakim people.

Chalid Astrakein


Chalid is the foremost high priest (Luridus) of The Empyrean. He is mentioned in the tale of Gibbon Goetia, a man gifted (or cursed) by Esus with the ability to assume the likeness of any man. Not much else is known about Chalid.

Notable Quotations

I was invited to attend the initiation rites of the Ecclesiastics in Balderham. Ordinarily I would have feared some attempt at propaganda or persuasion, but in all things the Empyrean is open. The Vicar and one Ecclesiastic walked from the temple, at the heart of the city, while I followed behind a respectful distance, a welcome observer but not participant. We went not to the manor house of the local lord, nor the poor beggars in their slums, nor to some sacred altar from which to pray. The Vicar led us to the dungeon, and the Ecclesiastic aspirant showed the same surprise I felt.
        The guards let us pass, and downwards we walked, through the squalor that inevitably collected in such a place, even a relatively enlightened realm such as this. Men moved forward to watch us as we passed. Some hurled taunts or mockery, while some hurled more vile substances, the excrement occasionally landing on the Vicar’s robes.
        The young man flinched, though his mentor did not. “Why have we come to such a dark place, Father?” asked the Ecclesiastic. “Why do we go anywhere?” was the reply. “To bring light into the darkness.” This was some sort of code or mantra, for they both spoke it together. They stopped at one cell, a ragged man shuffled up to the bars, blinking in the light of our torch. “This is the darkest corner of our realm, dear child, not for the fact that we descend deep into this hole, but for the depravity of those who were brought here. This man has… his hands are stained with the blood of man. But he has requested to hear of the light. If you can bring him from the darkness, you will be ready for your vows. Lugus will show you the way.” The Vicar passed the torch to his charge, and turned to leave. The man behind the bars sank to his knees and cried, “Teach me, lord, please!”
        The boy knelt to pray for wisdom, and I turned to leave as well, though I caught the eye to the imprisoned man and grew to doubt success of the young man’s mission in this place.

—From Chapter 3 of Reflections on the State Cults, by Elder Methyl of the Luonnotar

The Empyrean

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